COVID-19 Plan of Care

In conjunction with CDC and NYSED guidelines, Imagine Academy is open!
For more information read of our COVID-19 plan of care below.

Preventative Actions

Prior to the first day of school, each student and staff member must show documentation of negative testing within 7 days of the start of the program.

Daily health checks that will include taking each student and staff’s temperature before entering the building.

Evaluating possible signs and symptoms of illness.

Hand sanitization before entering the building.

Monitor staff for proper face coverings, medical gowns and gloves as needed.

Train and monitor staff in proper hand washing protocols, how to minimize cross contamination and the use of protective items.

Encourage face coverings for students that can tolerate wearing them as often as possible.

Keep social distance between staff to staff and staff to students. Reduce amount of staff that are exposed to each individual student. Reduce transitions around the building and minimize group interactions. Student and staff lunches will occur in individual classrooms. Staff trainings will be reduced to small groups allowing for ample space between participants. Assign specific bathrooms for each classroom to minimize cross contamination. Assign specific hallways and travel routes to maximize distance between students. Assign specific staircases to each class to maximize social distance between students.

Daily cleaning and disinfection of all areas in the building according to the CDC standards. All tables, chairs, door handles, computer equipment, materials and the like will be washed down throughout the day.

Signs are posted throughout the building to remind staff and students to keep a 6 foot distance when traveling through the building. Additionally there are signs to remind all building occupants to frequently wash their hands.

Each student will be assigned a specific chair and desk to avoid surface contamination.

Each student will be assigned his or her own materials/toys to avoid surface contamination.

Imagine Academy will have an on-site nurse at all times.

Imagine will maintain a list of substitute teachers who are medically cleared to provide staffing if a teacher is deemed ineligible to return to the school building due to positive testing results.

Imagine Academy will maintain relationships with local physicians to guide our decision making if the need should arise.

Imagine Academy will have access to a local emergency medical service should the need arise.

The Professional staff of Imagine Academy will maintain their licensure in their respective areas as necessary.

All necessary information will be when needed translated into the primary language of each individual family.

Should the need arise; families will be contacted immediately upon any changes to the current program.

Management of Persons with Suspected Signs or Symptoms

A student or staff that registers a fever or displays signs or symptoms of illness will not be permitted entrance into the building. The student’s family will be immediately alerted and the school nurse will isolate the student outside of the building. If isolation outside the building is not possible, the student will be isolated within the building.

 If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, Imagine Academy will follow the CDC guidelines for reporting and contact tracing.

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the classroom of that child or staff member, will close until it is deemed medically safe to reopen. In order to reopen the class, students and staff will require retesting to ensure the safety of others in the building.

If multiple cases of Covid-19 occur, the entire building may need to close until it is deemed medically safe to reopen.


Students attending school in the building will have access to food items provided either from home or by the school dependent upon the individual needs of the family. No student will be allowed to share food with another student as well as between student and staff members.

 All students and staff will have constant access to drinking water.

Social Emotional Well Being

 Every staff will have access to mental health counseling.

 Staff will receive training specific to supporting best practices, providing equitable instruction and address any learning gaps created by Covid-19.

 Supervisors will monitor staff for signs of depression or any other mental health concerns.

 Families will be given access to mental health resources both pro-actively or in response to any issues that might be observed.

 Imagine Academy supports a work environment free from racism, political agendas, sexual misconduct and religious persecution.

 Daily attendance for both students and staff will be closely monitored. Any student or staff member that does not arrive for the school day will be contacted immediately to ensure the health and safety of that individual and the school population.

School Facility

Social distancing throughout the building will be maintained.

 Space utilization may change due to needed to maintain a safe distance.

 Fire drills and lockdown drills will continue on a regularly scheduled basis.

 Custodial staff will monitor the ventilation and filtration system. Consultation with outside sources will be utilized as needed.

Staff who are fully vaccinated are permitted to remove their masks throughout the day.

Staff who are not yet vaccinated are still required to wear masks throughout the day.


The Department of Education will provide special education bus services to the students of Imagine Academy.

 Bus staff will wear masks as per the Department of Health requirements.

 The unloading of buses will be staggered for safety and to allow social distancing.

Student Schedules

Each student will be provided with a schedule for in the building learning.

 Each student will be provided with a remote instruction schedule.

 Each student will be provided a hybrid schedule, which will consist of any ratio of the following, in the building, remote and in-person at home learning.

 Every student will be allotted an equal learning opportunity.

 Every family has the right to choose how their child will receive instruction without exceeding their allotment of in the building instruction.

 Imagine Academy will maintain excellent correspondence with families so clear communication can be achieved.

 Students without access to technology will be provided with the necessary tools for remote learning sessions.

 Technological support will be provided to families as needed.

 Collaboration between Imagine Academy and the CSE will be maintained.

Remote Learning

In the event of any classroom or school closings, remote learning will be offered until in person learning can resume.

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