Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy department at Imagine Academy aims to improve students’ ability to sustain effort and stay on task. Our therapists teach students strategies to regulate arousal, alertness, comfort, and enhance their coping skills, emotional self-regulation and self-awareness. The OT department provides individual and group instruction in our state of the art gym and other academic environments. In addition, therapists provide teachers with practical ways to include movement activities in the classroom and integrate them into the busy school day to enhance alertness and readiness to learn.

Meet the Faculty

Abie Levi
Director of Occupational and Physical Therapy

OTR/L, M.S., Ed

Sara Shapiro
Occupational Therapist


Deena Kress
Occupational Therapist


Hear From Our Parents

Dr. David Richos

The body learns ten times faster than the brain and forgets ten times slower. If you want to change the brain, change the body.

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