Imagine Academy has an exciting and enriching partnership with Daniel Orliesvky, the creator of the Phaedrus Approach for typed communication, to provide our students with trained support in using iPad applications and keyboards to increase regulation, focused attention, and two-way purposeful communication through another mode beyond their verbal language or augmentative devices. This system pairs well with our use of the DIR/Floortime approach to continue relationship building, create safety and security, and expand on and open circles of communication with our students.

The program involves 3 levels that guide our students on the path to more complex and functional expression.

Level 1 involves using engaging cause and effect apps (e.g., Fluidity, Injini) to increase regulation, pointing and scanning skills, and other purposeful and imitative actions.
Level 2 is centered on building literacy skills in non-traditional, student-led ways by increasing knowledge of letters and the form of words using preferred/functional vocabulary and applications (e.g., Special Words, Spellsense).
Level 3 is the ultimate goal where our students learn to type as another mode of expression where objectives include acceptance of extensions to expand on thoughts and phrases and tying them to emotional content to initiate topics, connect abstract thoughts, and create permanent products of internal drives and feelings that can lead to deeper relationships and understanding of what our students are experiencing and needing in their lives.

Meet the Faculty

Maria Astorga
Director of Floortime

B.S., Psychology, B.S., Educational Psychology, DIR/Floortime Practitioner

Hear From Our Parents

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