Hear From Our Parents

Our parents and families are an integral part of our school.  They are active members in their child’s programming, ensuring success across all environments.  Imagine Academy’s multidimensional program is a direct result of listening to our parents as they know their child best.

Meet some of our parents. Hear what they have to say.

Imagine Academy offers 1 on 1 student/teacher ratio (without it our daughter would truly be lost). The school’s flexibility uses several methods and approaches to help our child reach her maximum potential… Trips to the doctor’s office are much less of a hassle now since we are accompanied by an Imagine Academy delegate… But the most valuable asset of IA is it’s highly qualified, most devoted, endlessly patient staff members who see far beyond our child’s disabilities.

Alla W.
Imagine Academy Parent

They work together to understand our children’s learning style and needs, they have no agenda other than helping the kids learn and grow. Everyone shows competence and care that goes beyond the school day to give families the support needed at home and with everyday issues or emergencies.

Frederique M.
Imagine Academy Parent

I have had my twin boys, Darius and Nathaniel at Imagine Academy since after Kindergarten. They were diagnosed with severe autism and are also both non-verbal. My precious boys are now 10 years old and have made such progress during their time at Imagine- I cannot envision what their lives, or my life, would have been like if I had not made the decision to send them there. That was “hands down” one of the best decisions that I made as a parent- to find such a warm, caring environment to place my boys. From the principal, Elisa Chrem, to all the teachers, the school nurse, the therapists, the security guard, the office manager- I can go on- but I have to say that everyone in the school is there to make sure that our kids- these special children are nurtured, loved and given a chance to grow, and progress, and thrive. The change that I have seen in my boys in every aspect has been gratifying. When I celebrate their milestones – I see the look of genuine joy on the faces of the staff members involved in helping them reach their achievements/goals. That is so refreshing and always brings me to happy tears.THANK YOU IMAGINE ACADEMY for all that you do, and will continue to accomplish in the coming years for our VERY SPECIAL KIDS

Petula G.
A thankful and grateful parent,

Imagine Academy has been a gift to my son and my entire family. Having been one of the first students enrolled in the school when it opened 14 years ago, Philip has grown up with the love, devotion and respect from the entire Imagine staff. Year after year, the focus has always been on giving him so many opportunities to become the best person that he was meant to be. We will forever be grateful to this school.

Heather D.
Imagine Academy Parent

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