Home Economics Class

Diet and Meal Planning, Textile Designing

Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills Program offers students comprehensive instruction in budgeting and meal planning, basic kitchen skills, cooking and nutrition, as well as insight into various fibers use and maintenance.

An initial intake session is scheduled to assess the strengths and needs of each client and to determine placement. Sessions are scheduled on an individual basis to best meet the needs of clients.

Diet and Meal Planning

This course covers the planning and organization of family meals. The curriculum addresses family size, nutritional needs of family members, economic levels and family schedules. Students learn about the meal traditions and requirements of different ethnic backgrounds and ages. Recipe writing and critique may be included. A lab unit affords students the opportunity to prepare meals under instructor guidance.


In a textile-related course, students may study the types of textiles and their properties. They can learn to identify a variety of fibers. Generally, students also learn about the selection, use and maintenance of various textiles related to both apparel and interior design. This textile course offers students hands-on experience, and students come to understand various processes and finishes for fibers that can help them establish the value of textiles as consumers, designers and merchandisers.

Schedule & Price

45-minute Diet and Meal Planning
45-minute Textile Designing

Open to All Children
All Classes are 8 Weeks

Group session at $2840.40

Category: Adults, Teens


Duration Sept 90 Minutes Cost 8 week semester Spring Tuesdays April 13 - June 8

All onsite classes require an intake session and are scheduled on individualized basis.
All classes are provided by licensed personnel and supervised by a licensed program director.

For More Information


Abie Levi

Phone: 718-376-8882 ext. 129
Email: alevi@imagineacademy.com

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